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Garage door opener installation service in Marysville, WA

Garage door opener installation service in Marysville, WA

Are you having trouble with your garage door opener? Or are you just in the market for a new one? A lot has changed in the garage door industry and there is a good amount of technology that you might be interested.

New belt driven garage door openers offer very quiet operation as well as a nice, sleek look and finish. There are a few belt driven openers that we like. Give our office a call for recommendations and we can schedule an appointment to come out and do the install.

The right garage door can improve the value of your home by offering an attractive appearance as well as many conveniences. A well-operating garage door opener plays a key role in protecting your car from the great outdoors, enclosing your storage space, keeping hot or cold air out and securing your home.

A functioning garage door is practically a necessity for the modern home. If you have ever struggled to manually open a door that was off its tracks, you certainly know how frustrating a problem door can be. In fact, your garage door should readily respond to its remote, run smoothly on its tracks, open fully and close securely. From installation to repair and replacement, our services can get and keep your door up and running properly.

When everything operates as it should, it is easy to take the conveniences that your garage door offers for granted because it provides them so easily and effectively. When something goes awry, however, you will want to get your garage door back in working condition quickly. As a homeowner, you enjoy the benefits of your door daily, so when it doesn’t work it is an immediate inconvenience. Let us install your door and when it needs repairs, you will know who to call. We will get it up and running again or replace it for you as needed.

A missing or broken garage door could mean parking in your driveway, exposing the interior of your garage to the elements, losing its insulating properties and getting a large electric bill, or even straining your back to pull the door open and closed manually. Don’t suffer these inconveniences any longer than necessary. Our garage door service experts are ready to ensure that you have a garage door that works for you.

Garage Door Openers and Their Types
Buy the Perfect Garage Door Opener for Your Garage

Professional installation of all makes and models of garage openers

Professional installation of all makes and models of garage openers

If you are always in a hurry every morning then you should get a garage door opener installed to your garage door. They allow you to open and close the garage door without getting out of the car. Before buying one however you need to be informed about all the options available. Garage Door Repair Marysville is here to educate you on different types of openers.


You can choose a garage door opener on the basis of the drive. There are three types: belt, chain and screw.

The belt-drive openers operate via a rubber belt. They are similar to the other types of garage door openers in most aspects except they are the quietest out of the three. Their noiseless feature does not disturb the household each time the garage door is opened or closed. The peace and quiet though comes at a hefty price.

The oldest type of drive is the chain and it continues to be a popular choice amongst our customers. The chain-drive garage door openers are however very noisy and should not be chosen if the garage is directly below or next to a bedroom.

The screw-drive garage door openers are in the middle ground in terms of cost and noise compared to the other two openers. The units do not have many moving parts and require minimum maintenance. The installation of a screw-drive opener is also the easiest process for our technicians.


If your garage is a standard two-car unit then it requires a garage door opener with a 0.5 horsepower. If the garage door is heavier however, a model that serves 0.75 horsepower would be the better choice. Smaller garages with light-weight doors can get away with a smaller motor. There is not much difference in the prices of different sizes of motors so you might as well buy the more powerful one.

Belt driven garage door openers available at Fast Garage Door Repair Marysville

Belt driven garage door openers available at Fast Garage Door Repair Marysville


Garage doors are generally 7 feet in height. Garage door openers can accommodate a maximum height of 7 feet 6 inches. If your garage door is taller than that then you will require an extension kit along with the opener.

Battery Backup

It is important to decide whether you require a garage door opener with a battery backup or not. It is only available with some models but is an essential feature which will allow you to open the garage door even when there is no electrical power. This prevents getting locked out of the house in case of power failures.


The standard garage door opener comes with two remote controls which usually contain a single button to open or close the door. Remotes with more than one button and additional features are also available.

You can also have the keyless entry pad mounted outside your garage door which opens the door if you enter the correct code. This comes in handy for those who get locked out or do not want to carry a key with them at all times. Finger-print entry is also an option.

The wall-mounted control pad can also be installed inside the garage to open/close the door or turn off the lights.

If you have any queries, Garage Door Repair Marysville can help. Our professionals are skilled in installation as well as garage door opener repair. You can reach us at 360-722-5497.